Wandering in Old Montreal

My last trip to Quebec, we were lucky enough to stay in Old Montreal. This is a city I haven’t had the pleasure to visit and explore as much as her counterpart up the St. Lawrence, so I was a little excited. Typically, we stay outside the city or near the airport, so it was especially nice to be within walking distance to great pubs and scenery.

I didn’t think it possible for a Holiday Inn to not have a gym, but ours didn’t, so I decided one morning to head outside for a walk instead. I was barely dressed warm enough, and in hindsight, I should’ve bought my coffee first to sip along the way. Bracing myself against the biting wind, so cold it made my eyes water, I only snapped a few pictures of the sun rising over the port and reflecting on the museum before my fingers were numb.

There are a pile of art galleries along Rue Saint Paul, and I need to make a point to visit Old Montreal during the day when they’re open. I couldn’t help but snap a pic of this great, colourful cow painting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the gallery or artist name if a reader happens to recognize it. I also realized the pubs and restaurants which Rue Saint Paul is known for are opposite the direction I walked the previous evening looking for dinner. A weekend pub crawl on this street would be epic! So too would exploring it in summer – a road trip I just might need to make at some point!

2 thoughts on “Wandering in Old Montreal

    1. Absolutely – go in summer! I was there in late November and it was CHILLLLLY!! I didn’t bring a coat either because it was just a quick trip and it was mild in Ontario. Quebec City at Christmas is beautiful also. And there are lots of great activities in Old Quebec! I was lucky enough to live there for 6 months at the tail end of winter and it was a gorgeous city with snow on it!

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