From the Shoreline to the Saugeen

This is my final post, showcasing the beautiful place I grew up, Bruce County. Check out the first and second posts, grab an “Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport” and plan a day (or weekend) trip of your own!

The final four destinations on our Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport made a great day trip. Stretching from the far southwest corner of Bruce County, from Point Clark to north of Kincardine and over to Walkerton, this was a lovely day with some nice drives, albeit a little longer between stops.

We set out for Stoney Island Conversation Area first and were glad we brought bug spray. The mosquitoes were out in full force. This hike is not as challenging as the Bruce Trail, but there still some hills with loose footing and there are also no facilities here.

This is one of the better marked passport hikes but we still made a few wrong turns, trying to navigate the extensive cross-country ski trails. Sometimes that happens when you’re following little munchkins also. The passport box is down by the lake on the “Shore Trail”. It took us about an hour with a brief stop at the beach to get in and out.

food-truckFrom here, we set out for Point Clark, which is about 30 minutes south. We debated getting our little adventurers lunch at McDonald’s and were glad we didn’t. The Cheesy Monkey food truck at Pine River Cheese and Village Pizzeria in Point Clark are both fantastic options. You will also find all kinds of ice cream thanks to the Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trail!

This is the first time I’ve been to Point Clark, and I fell in love with the tree-lined streets and tiny cottages in the little, beach town. The lighthouse is beautiful and opened to the public last year, following a 5-year restoration. The climb is not suitable for a 3-year-old, so when my mom distracted my nephew with pizza, Leah & I went inside.

The 114-stair climb is a little steep and narrow at times, but certainly not gruelling. I’m not sure if Leah’s teeth were chattering from genuine fear or out of show, but is she was scared she didn’t stop climbing! From the top, the view is beautiful and it’s worth it just to say you’ve been to the top of a lighthouse. Of the four Bruce County lighthouses I’ve been too, this is the only one I’ve been inside, let alone climbed to the top!

saugeen-valley-countrysideAfter some pizza and playing in the park, it was time to head east. We travelled across side roads (and some roads that we weren’t sure were roads at all) to Formosa. This is a quick passport stop.  Keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful, old rock the Formosa valley sits against.

saugeen-river-walkertonFrom here, you can head onto Walkerton to wrap up the day. The Walkerton passport stop is along the Saugeen River, and there is a great trail here you can stroll and pick up most of the Walkerton River Roam stops.

Growing up, Walkerton was a common meeting spot for Bruce County 4-H events and every year, we spent a couple days at the fairgrounds showing our dairy calves.  KFC became a tradition for us at the show, and it was tempting for me to stop yesterday. Fortunately, there are plenty of other great dinner options in Walkerton!

Aptly named, not so long ago a garage stood here. The atmosphere, pizza and ice cream are all worth writing home about!

The Old Garage pizza and ice cream are simply fantastic and worth checking out even just for the atmosphere. If you’re not craving pizza (or you had it for lunch), Old Joe’s Cabin and Walker’s Landing are two more personal favourites. Both are on the main street.

Now that we’ve completed all twelve passport stops, we’re looking forward to next year’s edition. This was a great excuse to get out as a family and discover parts of Bruce County we never knew. You don’t need to go far to have a great adventure, and in fact, sometimes the best times are on your back doorstep!

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