7 Reason to “Fall” Into Grey-Bruce

maple-leavesI love fall.

Okay, truthfully, I love all seasons. We’re so blessed in Canada to experience four distinct and stunningly beautiful seasons. Oh, but fall in Southern Ontario!

Forget pumpkin spiced lattes (or cookies, muffins, or beer for that matter), autumn in Grey & Bruce Counties is the real deal. From harvest festivals to lazy Sunday afternoon drives, these are the days Pinterest pinners everywhere dream about.

So shut your screen, jump in the car and head to Grey & Bruce Counties and check out some of these fantastic fall events!

7 Reasons to Visit Grey-Bruce This Fall

    1. Pumpkinfest – October 1 & 2, Port Elgin

      Photo Credit: Port Elgin Pumpkinfest

      Undoubtedly the biggest fall event in Bruce County, it’s also where you will find the biggest pumpkins and squash in Ontario, along with a great car show and entertainment. Rain or shine, the show goes on so dress warm and bring an umbrella. This year marks Pumpkinfest’s 30th year.

    2. Apple picking – Meaford & Port Elgin

      apple-picking-at-Maple-Lane-OrchardYes, picking apples seems so cliche but Grey County is home to the largest number of apple orchards in the province and you’ll find many in the Meaford. Staying closer to the lake? Head to Smith’s Apples outside Port Elgin or for more laid back, low key experience, Maple Lane Orchard in Arkwright (on Highway 17 between Tara and Port Elgin) also does pick your own. Don’t forget your ladder!

    3. Pumpkin toss & lawn mower races – October 8, Ferndale
      Photo Credit: Ferndale Lions Club

      Exactly as it sounds, my family has watched and participated in this catapult-launching, pumpkin-hurling, lawn mower-racing event for several years. The action starts at noon on Thanksgiving Saturday at 79 Forty Hills Road, Lions Head. To get there, drive north through Ferndale on Highway 6, turn right (east) on Caudle Sideroad, then right again (south) onto Forty Hills Road. Here’s a sample of what you’re in for.

  • Apple Harvest Festival – October 8-10, Town of Blue Mountains

    homemade-apple-pieTaking place in Clarksburg, Blue Mountain Village & Thornbury (my favourite Grey County town) over Thanksgiving weekend, half of the experience is getting there. The Beaver Valley is beautiful any time of year, but the fall colours and sweeping views of the escarpment and Georgian Bay will leave you speechless. The Festival website even provides a couple maps for Fall Colours Drives!

  • Walkerton Little Royal Fair – October 14-16, Walkerton

    If you haven’t had your fill of fall fairs this is your “last chance”. Growing up, this was our final competition to get a spot on the coveted Bruce County 4-H team heading to the Royal Winter Fair. Check out the 4-H livestock exhibits and more.

  • Tara Festival of Crafts – October 14-15, Tara

    Craft fairs are like an Easy pop-up market on steroids. My hometown has held theirs since before I was born and as a kid, I remember my grandma used to sell wreaths made from grapevine at the back of our farm. Today, you’ll ind beautiful handmade jewellery, soaps, knitted items, decorations and more. Go early for good parking.

  • Ride in a combine

    Soybean-harvestI’d be remiss if I didn’t mention MY favourite fall activity. Harvest is in full swing around Southern Ontario and many farmers will be combining soybeans. Those are the fields that look like dead sticks with pods. If you’re curious and there are trucks in the field, there is likely someone close by who can tell you more about this versatile little bean and maybe even allow you a ride. Either way, give farmers some space and patience on the roads – the equipment is not only big, but it doesn’t stop on a dime. An SUV is no match for a combine.


What’s happening in your area this fall? What’s your favourite reason to get outside? Have a fun fall idea? Create your own event! Share in the comments!


Disclosure: I’ve never received compensation or freebies for my blog so this disclosure-thing is new for me. It’s probably totally unnecessary but better off honest than in jail, right? Eventbrite  contacted me about writing a post about fall which they may choose to promote. I was not paid for this post nor do I receive any compensation from events promoted on Eventbrite’s website. (I wish I did – if someone wants to pay me, I’ll write more!) All the above events are my recommendations based on growing up and living in the Grey-Bruce area. 

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