5 Must Do’s in Milwaukee

Recently, I joined Wanderful, a women’s travel community. I came across it on fellow Ontario travel blogger Lindsey’s I’ve Been Bit blog and entered her contest to win an annual membership! And I won!

After a month, I’m really enjoying being part of a community that is all about travel and it’s made me realize how professionally-focused my life had become. The group feels like a great “fit”, and I am enjoying the Wanderful blog and Facebook posts from fellow travellers. If you wonder how I survived nearly 10 years of work travel, this post nails it. I also really enjoyed this post about volunteering abroad.

Wanderful also has local chapters, a home-sharing service and hosts the Women in Travel Summit (WITS) annually, which sounds like an aspiring travel-blogger’s dream.

This year’s Summit is coming up next weekend in Milwaukee, and it is oh-so-tempting to try to figure out a way to get to it. I LOVED Milwaukee when I visited three years ago. It was one of those trips I tacked onto a work event and with some amazing work colleagues, we had an absolute blast!

While it’s doubtful I will be able to work WITS into my schedule this year, for those who do go, here are my “MUST DO’S” for the Brew City.

The 5 Things You Must Do in Milwaukee

The Old German Beer Hall – My friend found this spot on Trip Advisor and feeling a little under the weather thanks to the previous evening, I wasn’t so sure about more beer. Luckily I went along. We met the owner, a big, jovial man with huge arms capable of carrying 8 giant beers; consumed large amounts of meat and fried cheese curds (Wisconsin, right?) and tipped the party ski! Great times!

IMG_5048Brewers baseball game – If you can get tickets to the Brewers, go! We lucked out because not only were they in town during our trip, they were playing our hometown team! Head out to the stadium early and grab a bite at a nearby sports bar, then jump on the Brewer Bus (Line 90) to get to Miller Park. Whether your a baseball fan or not, this is an experience, if only to see the racing sausages and Bernie Brewer go down the slide.


Safehouse – So, I read about this place on TripAdvisor (I think) and also heard from some people you have to go. And, you have to go. Play along because if you don’t know the passcode you may need to do some ridiculous things to get in. Beware though because you’re on the TV inside the bar. Inside, there are several different rooms with random, funky decor. The Press Club is also located in the back, and I enjoyed the signature collection of North America’s oldest continuously-operating press club’s famous guests.

Harley Davidson Museum – Full disclosure: I didn’t visit on my trip but the bike fanatics on our team did and they raved about it. Even if you don’t own a bike, Harley is such an iconic brand, it sounded like a super interesting tour. Next time!

IMG_5088The architecture. I don’t consider myself an architecture buff but I do love old buildings and Milwaukee has lots to admire. In fact, there are so many to see, I walked right into a waste-high post. If you can picture someone folding in half over a crotch-high post, you can likely also imagine 1) the accompanying pain; and 2) my co-workers’ amusement. Of course, it also happened after someone made a crack about me walking into a post. So, walk and gawk with caution….

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