3 Things I Took Away from the 2018 Women in Travel Summit

Sometimes you learn more about what you shouldn't be doing and find parallels to what you should when you least expect it. The Women in Travel Summit (WITS) taught me I don't want to be a travel blogger but I can make many other valuable contributions to sustainable tourism, empowering women and more!

Finding my sisters (and myself) on the road

If you've never ridden a motorcycle before, chances are you have a certain image of "who" rides motorcycles. And chances are, you don't think grandmother of twelve, yoga instructor or jewelry designer. Those are exactly the women who I met last weekend riding with the WindSisters. And while we may not look like the typical …

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Top 10 Ways Our Farm is Helping Mother Earth

Since today is Earth Day, I feel compelled to post about the environment. Since I don't know a whole lot about sustainable tourism (although it does really interest me), a farming post it is! As farmers, we don't always identify as an environmentalist because we think of Greenpeace and people chained to trees, but truly, …

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Saturday Morning Political Rant

This isn't supposed to be an ag-policy blog anymore. Because of that, I apologize to the readers who were enjoying my travel posts. They will return. I promise. Feel free to ignore this post. Between what’s happening south of the border to the current Federal Conservative leadership race and the Ontario government’s retrenchment back into people-pleasing campaign …

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Check out my Local Food Week Guest Post on Bite My Words

Today’s guest post comes from Jen Christie, a dairy farmer in Ontario. We connected on twitter a little while ago. She’s been a great supporter of my blog so I was happy to hear that she was interested in writing a guest post for Local Food Week when I put out the call a few […] …

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Trading Places: Two farmers step out of their comfort zones

If you only believe what you read online about conventional and organic farmers you might think they are on completely different sides of the farming spectrum. In reality, organic and conventional farmers share a lot in common, especially when it comes to sustainability and improving soil health. These two farmers learned this first hand when they "traded places" at an organic and biotechnology conference this fall.

Our 6th Generation Family Farm; Poised for Growth & an Exciting Future

Our family - the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th generations to farm on the original homestead, settled around 1855. This past year, my family embarked on a major milestone in the 155+ year history of Christhill Farms; we built a brand-new dairy barn, complete with robotic milking technology and a composting pack bed for the …

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Passion Where You Least Expect It

Passion is a powerful thing. Raw, unabridged passion that is so real and unmistakable, you become transfixed within it and only realize later you have been transformed.I experienced this tonight. In a dinner conversation with a man nearly, if not totally, considered a legend among my industry circle, I was drawn into a conversation about …

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