It’s OK To Be Number 3

Last week, I volunteered my time at Haste and Hustle, a marketing conference in Niagara Region. It was a chance to get behind the scenes at an event similar in size to the one I'm working on and take home some tips to for our team. It was also an opportunity to hear my awesome friend …

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4-H is Fighting the Empathy Deficit

Cambridge Professor, Simon Baron-Cohen said, “empathy is like a universal solvent. Any problem immersed in empathy becomes soluble.” 4-H members are natural problem solvers because they are taught empathy throughout the 4-H program, positioning them strongly for leadership, teamwork and problem solving.

Be Unapologetic and Uncompromising in the Fight for Equality

Samantha Nutt has worked with people around the world who have endured the worst atrocities imaginable, often times they are women and children. Her poignant stories spark compassion while she challenges women to think beyond themselves when it comes to equality. There are huge, structural issues in the world deserving of attention, individually and by governments through foreign policy. This is true feminism and we owe it to the worlds' most vulnerable women.

Forget Gender Equality, Time to Change Old Boys Culture in Agriculture

To the Editor, Ontario Farmer   It was with great interest I read Marin MacNamara’s January 20 op-ed, “Gender equality and agriculture.” MacNamara points out a reality that exists in many industries, yet doesn’t have a simple solution. There is no question many organizations in agriculture still have an “old boys” kind of culture that …

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