We are Canadian dairy farmers – #TheFacesofSupplyManagement

Below is an essay I wrote recently about my family's farm. With trade negotiations putting ongoing pressure on the government to dismantle Canada's supply management systems for dairy, egg, and poultry farmers, it seems like no better time than now to share a little about our approach to dairy farming.  Enjoy! - Jen If we …

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You Deserve to Know Canadian Farmers

Last week, we celebrated Ag Day in Canada. For the first time, the agriculture industry came together to formally celebrate the abundance of safe and affordable food we are producing in Canada and the people (farmers) producing it. It was high time we celebrate and frankly, by not doing so, we have done a disservice …

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Trading Places: Two farmers step out of their comfort zones

If you only believe what you read online about conventional and organic farmers you might think they are on completely different sides of the farming spectrum. In reality, organic and conventional farmers share a lot in common, especially when it comes to sustainability and improving soil health. These two farmers learned this first hand when they "traded places" at an organic and biotechnology conference this fall.

Be Unapologetic and Uncompromising in the Fight for Equality

Samantha Nutt has worked with people around the world who have endured the worst atrocities imaginable, often times they are women and children. Her poignant stories spark compassion while she challenges women to think beyond themselves when it comes to equality. There are huge, structural issues in the world deserving of attention, individually and by governments through foreign policy. This is true feminism and we owe it to the worlds' most vulnerable women.

Gross Things I Do to Reduce Food Waste

Even CBS News reported that storing sour cream and cottage cheese upside down will keep it fresh longer! Food waste has been on my mind a lot lately. Ever since I read some amazing essays which touched on the topic, I can't help but think about the incredible amount of food that gets thrown out today. …

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#Farm365 Teaches Us the Power of Words – Use Them Wisely

"Words have the power to create and destroy." A fitting interpretation of scripture today in church, with a reference even made to social media and how we use words today in our lives, which are increasingly online. Are we creating or are we taking away from people's lives with our words? It took no less …

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Will $3.50 Corn Cool the Bruce County Land Grab?

Cattle graze in the rolling hills of the former Elderslie Township in Bruce County. An old corral sits vacant in a pasture abandoned for corn, still waiting to be harvested this spring. In a county where a young Aggie might get chuckled at by topsoil-rich neighbours in southern Ontario, the geologically challenged fields of Bruce …

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Sticky Production – Agriculture’s Version of Sticky Wages?

"Last time we were asked to feed the world, everyone planted more until 1985, when they continued to plant more, even though the market told them not too. We don't do a very good job responding to when the market tells us not to plant." Cal Whewell,  FC Stone Risk Management Consultant Since hearing this comment …

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