Trying to Take Transit

Growing up in the country, transit simply did not exist. The trains stopped running and the tracks were pulled up when I was a kid and the only bus I knew, was the yellow one that took us to and from school each day. We lived for the day we got our driver’s license and …

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7 Reason to “Fall” Into Grey-Bruce

I love fall. Okay, truthfully, I love all seasons. We’re so blessed in Canada to experience four distinct and stunningly beautiful seasons. Oh, but fall in Southern Ontario! Forget pumpkin spiced lattes (or cookies, muffins, or beer for that matter), autumn in Grey & Bruce Counties is the real deal. From harvest festivals to lazy Sunday afternoon …

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7 Reasons to Visit one of Ontario’s Many Fall Fairs

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE or "The EX" as it's more commonly known now) kicked off last weekend. For my friends in Toronto, The EX seems to be one of those things you "have to do once". While certainly a big show, what many don't realize is start of The EX, also unofficially kicks off fall fair season in …

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From the Shoreline to the Saugeen

This is my final post, showcasing the beautiful place I grew up, Bruce County. Check out the first and second posts, grab an "Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport" and plan a day (or weekend) trip of your own! The final four destinations on our Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport made a great day trip. Stretching from the far …

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