Be Unapologetic and Uncompromising in the Fight for Equality

Samantha Nutt has worked with people around the world who have endured the worst atrocities imaginable, often times they are women and children. Her poignant stories spark compassion while she challenges women to think beyond themselves when it comes to equality. There are huge, structural issues in the world deserving of attention, individually and by governments through foreign policy. This is true feminism and we owe it to the worlds' most vulnerable women.

A sit-down with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

Premier is Sincere, but Can #Ontag Connect With Queen’s Park?

If you had 30 minutes to sit down with the leader of your country's most populous province, what would you say? When I was invited to meet with the Premier last week, there were no shortage of people with  suggestions about what I should tell her. Nothing that would've warranted much conversation I suspect and been …

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