Trading Places: Two farmers step out of their comfort zones

If you only believe what you read online about conventional and organic farmers you might think they are on completely different sides of the farming spectrum. In reality, organic and conventional farmers share a lot in common, especially when it comes to sustainability and improving soil health. These two farmers learned this first hand when they "traded places" at an organic and biotechnology conference this fall.

A Slippery Slope

This sustainability subject is a slippery slope (how's that for some alliteration?) The further I delve into what a triple bottom line means for Ontario agriculture, the further I find myself down the organic rabbit hole.If you are not immediately familiar with the concept of triple bottom line (I admit I was not before last …

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Agriculture’s Predictable Surprise(s)

I suppose a good way to narrow down a topic for this paper is to consider those issues which one might consider to be predictable surprises. Predictable surprise: a situation or circumstance in which avoidable crises are marginalized in order to satisfy economic and social policies. (Wikipedia, 2013) Max H Bazerman & Michael D Watkins …

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Evolution of an agriculture sustainability paper

For two weeks, I've been pondering and literally lying awake at night trying to find some direction for my MBA sustainability paper. Now, with the pressure mounting - the paper is due in exactly 2 weeks and 26 hours - I finally feel like I'm getting closer to a topic. You'll see, the problem was not that …

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