I Believe in Supply Management. I Believe in Farmers.

Whenever supply management is under pressure, the anxiety I felt as a kid during the World Trade Organization’s tariff negotiations always comes back to me. Far too young to understand what a tariff was, but knowing from my parents' conversations at the dinner table it could mean something bad for us, I started asking friends at school …

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You Deserve to Know Canadian Farmers

Last week, we celebrated Ag Day in Canada. For the first time, the agriculture industry came together to formally celebrate the abundance of safe and affordable food we are producing in Canada and the people (farmers) producing it. It was high time we celebrate and frankly, by not doing so, we have done a disservice …

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Trading Places: Two farmers step out of their comfort zones

If you only believe what you read online about conventional and organic farmers you might think they are on completely different sides of the farming spectrum. In reality, organic and conventional farmers share a lot in common, especially when it comes to sustainability and improving soil health. These two farmers learned this first hand when they "traded places" at an organic and biotechnology conference this fall.