3 Things I Took Away from the 2018 Women in Travel Summit

Sometimes you learn more about what you shouldn't be doing and find parallels to what you should when you least expect it. The Women in Travel Summit (WITS) taught me I don't want to be a travel blogger but I can make many other valuable contributions to sustainable tourism, empowering women and more!

5 Must Do’s in Milwaukee

Recently, I joined Wanderful, a women's travel community. I came across it on fellow Ontario travel blogger Lindsey's I've Been Bit blog and entered her contest to win an annual membership! And I won! After a month, I'm really enjoying being part of a community that is all about travel and it's made me realize how professionally-focused my …

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#DeleteUber, Re-Thinking AirBnB and Wanderful

Both AirBnB and Uber have been getting a lot of press lately and most of it hasn’t been positive. I've been using both frequently on my trips to Ottawa, but I'm re-thinking the services as of late. With the fight against the taxi companies sort of behind them, scandal after scandal the past few weeks has #deleteuber …

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