Who is Savvy Farmgirl?

Jen Christie

My name is Jen Christie. Thank you for checking out Savvy Farmgirl!

I grew up on a dairy and grain farm outside a small, rural Ontario town in Bruce County. As a kid, before I could go to the movies, the barn chores had to be done, the rocks picked or the hay unloaded. The farm taught me how to work hard for what I want, compassion for our animals and respect for the environment. My parents set a great leadership example for us, working together as a team and volunteering in our community. I was lucky enough to participate in 4-H, which further developed my confidence and interest in agriculture.

While I was born into it, I truly believe passion is contagious in the agriculture industry. I meet countless people who didn’t grow up on farms but have failed in love with the industry. I could not imagine working in any other sector.

Traveling has become my second love. I got bit by the travel bug when I started criss-crossing our beautiful country for my marketing job at John Deere. It was then I started meeting farmers from across Canada and discovered how amazing they are. I enjoy having a farmer mindset when I travel and thanks to my travels, I have a far greater appreciation for Canada and better perspective on food security.

Since storytelling has always been in my blood, marketing seemed a natural way to channel this creativity into a career. Working at John Deere, I learned firsthand what goes into maintaining an iconic brand, including how important it is to understand your customers and their needs. While at John Deere, I also started the Ag Women’s Network.

Finally, believing I could do more to help grow the agriculture industry and revitalize rural communities, like my own, I joined the 4-H team last fall to lead the Global 4-H Network Summit. In over 70 countries around the world, 4-H is developing community leaders, and I am helping establish the global, platform that will allow this great organization to grow more leaders in more countries.

So, that’s the short story of who I am.

About this blog

I have been blogging for almost 10 years. Originally, it started as a fun project about my house. Then, in 2011, I started Savvy Farmgirl, blogging about the agriculture industry and meeting other farmers on Twitter soon after. In 2015, I embraced my love of travel and started doing more travel blogging.

Today, this blog is a mash-up of everything I love – farming and agriculture, traveling and marketing. As often happens with our passions, they start to overlap and align, so I see no point trying to separate them.

Proud Alumni of: 




Honoured to be recognized 2013 Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada by the Women’s Executive Network and The National Post


6 thoughts on “Who is Savvy Farmgirl?

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  3. Stan

    I am a little bit curious why a “Savvy Farmgirl” would use an image of a mountain pass in Morocco at the top of her WordPress blog.

    This is Tizi n’Tichka, and connects Marrakesh to Ouarzazate through the High Atlas mountains. I’m guessing that is not your pic as Morocco isn’t on your Bucket List.

    1. Hi Stan,
      In response to your comment, this is in fact my photo which I took on a 2-week trip to Morocco last spring. You can check out several of my posts from that trip under the Morocco tag.

      As for why a blog called “Savvy Farmgirl” would be about travel, I invite you to check out this post from earlier this year: https://savvyfarmgirl.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/time-for-a-new-direction/

      Good to know there is someone out there on the internet looking for pirated photos. All of us who post our own content thank you!

  4. Brooke

    Hey Savvy Farmgirl !

    Can’t believe I haven’t clicked this link sooner ! Lots of great stuff on here. As a woman in Ag sales for only two years now, I look up to you and what you preach! Thanks for being awesome, I think I just found one of my new favourite sites. Great job!

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